Best Places to Stay in Osaka, Hotels and Neighborhoods

Best Places to Stay in Osaka, Hotels and Neighborhoods

Osaka is one of Japan boisterous cities. However, if you want to find the best places to stay in Osaka, there are options for neighborhoods and hotels. If this is your first visit, it can be confusing. Now, for the best recommendation, check out the following suggestion.

Best Places to Stay in Osaka, Hotels and Neighborhoods


If you look for the center of everything in Osaka, it will be Namba. This place is the home for almost everything, from food and drink, entertainment, and shopping.

Best Places to Stay in Osaka, Hotels and NeighborhoodsStreet foods are plenty and you will find any –yaki you can think of. There are many tiny bars you will enjoy and capsule hotel to try.


This neighborhood is all trendy and nice, and if you try to have yourself a better life as what was pointed out by this might be the one for you. But it doesn’t have all the fuzziness. There are so many old houses that have become bars and cafes. If you want fast access to all Osaka entertainment, but you want quiet and tranquil, this neighborhood is going to be your choice.

Best Hotels

Fraser Nankai

This hotel is a great option for both groups as well as families. We read in how the location can’t be even more fantastic, and you only need to walk from this hotel to get to Dotonbori and Namba station. The rooms are big enough, and well equipped. The Japanese breakfast is truly excellent, and the service is totally outstanding.

Nono Namba

This is probably the best hotel for families. It is close to Kuromon Market and Dotonbori and the best thing about this hotel is that it offers free ramen every night! The room size isn’t impressive as what was said in but you can always book for superior room if you want bigger space. The interior is modern and the service is great. It is hard to miss this hotel.

So, now you have several options of best places to stay in Osaka. There are great neighborhoods and there are awesome hotels to book as well. What’s your plan?

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